Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve better late than never....

Yes I know I talked up everyone popping in to share there Christmas Eve highlights here, and then I just don't pop up my head for a few days. Good reasons though.....I've been sick and trying to fight off a cold that wanted to take over into the start of a chest infection Christmas morning. Hence I was awake at 3am trying to cough quietly if there is such a thing, so I wouldn't have the whole house awake at such a silly hour.

Despite me being sick, DH is also off work for 10 consecutive days so I have been opting for logging off and turning off gadgets and enjoying time with him and the kids. So with all that being said, I still wanted to pop in share some Christmas Eve moments with you....albeit late.

Christmas Eve during the day and someone was already zonked.

Movie day and family time.

Silly buggers.

Making garland to decorate Santa's treat basket.

Shortbread baked and packaged up to drop in our neighbours for a few Christmas Eve drinks.

Home again to prepare Santa's treat basket.

Not to forget the reindeer, sprinkles of reindeer food and carrots.

Oh the thrill and excitement.

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