Friday, December 30, 2011

I want you.....

I hinted the other day that with the blog overhaul to start taking place over the next few weeks that I'm also looking for contributors and people to guest post. So this post is a little shout out, bulletin board, put your thinking caps on sort of post.

When I started this blog it was a way of helping myself through my grief of losing Elle & Meg, so I could come through in one piece and to continue my journey forward to build a family and live a happy and inspired life being creative as well. Since becoming a mum my posts have taken on a wide scope of topics, for example:
* breastfeeding
* re lactating
* natural parenting
* cloth nappies
* arts, crafts, play
* relationships, marriage
* home life
* pregnancy
* life and just everything else in between

Although I started this blog for me primarily, over time it has become more than that, I have had people contact me privately sharing their own experiences with the loss of a pregnancy or a child, I've had mums contact me about wanting to resume breastfeeding and needing encouragement with re lactation. Then there are others who have commented on a post or contacted me privately activities about activities I do with the kids etc. Earlier this year (2 more days and we start another I was very honoured to be contacted by Early Play Australia and asked was asked if I would link up with them so they could use me a reference or resource, for others looking for similar content on line.

So with all the above in mind and my hearts intention I'm wanting to make Journey to Bliss so much more for my readers and those who will surely come in future to join us. That is therefore why I am on search for you, my blogging buddies, I will be looking for people to guest post about things I mentioned in my bullet points above. But I am also on a particular look out for others who might like to be a regularly contributor under the banner of natural parenting.......breastfeeding, cloth nappies, Waldorf, pregnancy etc.

If anything I am suggesting is sparking an interest in you , please don't hesitate to contact me at journeytobliss(at)bigpond(dot)com(dot)au so that we can start plotting and planning.

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  1. Hi Trudie,

    I could write about getting through postnatal depression with no pharmaceuticals. I used naturopathy, CBT and exercise.. If you are interested in that kind of thing, let me know! Good idea - shouting out this way!


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