Thursday, December 1, 2011

The intended and unintended day....

My day has been a mixture of the intended and unintended today. The intended saw me listening to a friend who visited who really needs some help and comfort at the moment. I hope she left feeling as though I was able to assist her.

The unintended has seen my "to do list" being ignored in favour of fun for the remainder of the day.

So the kids and I went for a little walk out front and across the road from our house and Cohen selected these goodies.

Today it was all about crunchy handfuls for dead's so funny to see what inspires children's minds.

I have intend all week to make a sensory dough and finally got around to it whilst the kids napped. I didn't however intend on putting baking powder in it instead of cream of tartar, so when I realised my mistake I added both. My intentions were good and it looks like it still turned out. I didn't add colouring this time and opted for mixed spices instead......reminiscent of Christmas baking. I will halve the batch so one can be used for adding tinsel and beads and so forth to it.

I've also unpicked a pair of Cohen's shorts to use as a pattern for some Christmas shorts I'm making him from fat quarters.

And I have fiddled with a bag design for my business.

So there you go sometimes it's good to sit back and let your day take a detour from the intended.

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  1. Sounds like a good day, helpful, inspiring and rewarding.


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