Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time to fess up....

As of the new year this little family is embarking on a lifestyle change. Since my pregnancy with Sarah, I have not been as healthy as I once was. DH has struggled for many years, carrying excess weight, and due to his eating habits despite my healthy stints over the years he has battled to keep it off permanently. It is all to apparent now with Cohen being two and half how he is aware of things. If we don't look at making these lifestyle changes and have them sustained for the future we are setting him, Sarah and any future children up for a life of bad habits.

What we consider as bad habits, others may not, but nonetheless it's time for us to tweak our lifestyle in the places where we know we have slacken off and start a fresh and stop having ourselves and our children suffer in the long run.

So in the new year we as a family are:
* reducing sugar intake as much as possible, confession is DH and I are major sweet treaters
* DH is going to kick his Diet Coke addiction, this is a biggie I joke sometimes that he is a junkie looking for a fix
* concentrate on family exercise together, our lives and schedules are too busy to grant us both time away to do our own thing in this department
* have a back up plan for those days when things don't go to plan and you opt for takeaway as an easy out

More simple back up plans like vegetarian homemade pizzas would be good.

These a four pretty broad points but actually involve a lot of little intricacies that we need to fess up to and get sorted on. I know that we are already off to a significant start on things because we rarely buy processed foods in our grocery shop, so our home is a reasonable safe zone in regards to temptations. It will be about managing those times when we are out and about and when we have jammed packed weekends.

As I said before these might not seem like major points for some but we know they are for this family and if we can make these changes and sustain them there will be significant changes and fun times ahead for this family. For DH it will be a leaner, healthier version of himself, for me it will be a healthier, stronger version of me who is organised on the bad days with healthy options. Most of all for our kids there will be healthier parents, as it is now Cohen has a very healthy diet but he goes to battle with us because he sees us eating bad things we tell him he can't have. These changes will reduce issues and backlash, and give us more time and energy for our family time. For the last reason alone it is enough reason to say, it's time for change.

Are there changes ahead for your family in the new year?


  1. Exactly what,s on my Christmas list, less calories and more movement. Here's to us! Merry Christmas

  2. Definitely changes for our family. Not that we're bad eaters, but there's always room for improvement. My health hasn't been 100% since having my 'baby' (2 1/2yrs ago). So I'm looking at improving there, and also ensuring we're in the best physical shape to look after our kids as they get older.


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