Friday, January 6, 2012

Going through the archives.....

With all the changes I want to start facilitating here, this morning perched up in bed I started reading back through my posts right from the start to now. Oh my goodness how much has happened, how much I have learnt and how much I have to learn about this whole blogging thing. I have a lot of work ahead of me breaking down content to be more readable and accessible. So much of my grief journey and re lactation reads like epic diary entries without pictures. If there is one thing I've learnt from reading blogs and writing my two blogs, is that your readers don't want to be faced with mass blocks of text without any break. However in saying that I am also very grateful to all my readers to date who have walked all these emotional journeys with me reading my posts without pictorial relief.....oh how I have thrown epic posts at you, oh so many of them.

See above that's epic isn't it? There are so many of these. My goodness, it surprises me now people read them.

Yesterday I was also looking at my blog stats and it was surprising to see the blog posts that are most frequently viewed. Viewing the stats for the most read posts has been reassuring to me about the changes in direction with the blog and what I want to do to help others.

Above anything else though, it's amazing how much we have done and been through on our journey as parents so far. Reading back over posts this morning I've been taken back to moments, good, bad and otherwise in the last few years.

I'm curious though how others have gone about the changes in their own blogs? Did you start out with a direct purpose ie. craft blog to teach and inspire others or were you like me a rambler of life ponderings and life's ups and downs? How have your blogs changed?

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