Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping with kids....

The mere thought of grocery shopping with kids sends some parents into a panic. To be honest I can't blame them really, there is so much for kids to look at and touch and whine about. I will admit until a few months ago I dreaded the thought or possibility of grocery shopping with both of the kids with me. Opting to try and get it done on a day when Cohen is in family day care, or asking DH to do it the evening or if all else failed doing it as a family on the weekend. But honestly all those other options don't work for us anymore.

So I've just had to suck it up and find a way it works and keeps Cohen happy. Sarah on the other hand loves grocery shopping and you don't hear a peep out of her. Good thing I guess in some respects because the whole time we are shopping I am in constant no stop dialogue with Cohen.

"Mummy what's that?"
"Mummy can I have one of those?"
"Mummy who lives in there?", referring to deli and butchers area.
"Mummy I'm just going to get out and push", to which ends in disaster because he starts to get distracted.
"Mummy that man drew on himself", speaking about and pointing at a man with tattoos.
"Mummy I need to go to the toilet."
"Lady come back, I talk to you", which he yells to anyone who has given him a smile and a few words.

That's just a small idea of what our trips entail, and seriously that is the tame version. However I have been able to find a focus for him to calm our trips down a little recently. All it has taken is a small notebook and pen or pencil.

Although he can't write words yet, he scribbles zigzag lines which are his items he has on his shopping list. So now I get told:
"Mummy don't get that it's not on the list."
"Mummy we need carrots."
"Mummy we need everything, see?" Pointing to his list.

At least now when he is getting too crazy, I can ask him to sit down in the trolley and add things to his list, that he thinks we need. Just the simple act of remembering to have a notepad and pencil or pen, has made the world of difference to our grocery shopping trips. It reduces his insistence on everything else in the shop that he says he wants, cars, stickers, crayons, books, because now his mind is occupied about "his list and his responsibility".

But it's another story and another post for how to get through the checkout unscathed.
What are your secret weapons for keeping calm with grocery shopping when you have the kids in tow?


  1. Loving this down to earth post and yes why do they fill the check out with attractive junk? wee I guess we know but if we could find a supermarket that did not we would love it.

  2. I had a friend who once let her toddler eat a chocolate bar without paying at the checkout point, and said well they put the darned stuff there. I could totally see her point of view. I think some good firm no's early on go a long way to making things more peaceful in the long run but there are some hard yards. I also like to bring snacks so they don't want to eat all the supermarket food. My real bug bear is the lack of toilets in supermarkets, it takes time to shop with small children. We play running games through the bits we don't need anything from, and sing, and generally make fools of ourselves. Who would have thought a supermarket shop without kids would be my idea of bliss? I try to go very little, buy big and then stay away for a few weeks.

  3. I love your post and you seems to be such a lovely lady on how you treated others! lovely :) I'm now your new follower and hope you'll follow back :)


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