Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year for TwentyTwelve.....

It has been an utterly splendid start to the new year here, everything has made my day. It is going to be an awesome year, I just know it. The trees across the road from our house have been playing hosts to huge black cockatoos on and off all day. They rarely visit but when conditions are right we see them and I always get so excited, something about them just fills me with such joy and positivity. If I'm honest when they do visit, I tell myself they are doing it just for me because I delight in them so much. I took their arrival today as a sign, that it's going to be a tremendous year.

I didn't get any of my own pics (image source) this time, because I was so in the moment about hearing their sqwarking that I grabbed Cohen's hand and we went running outside to see them. We then sat quietly on the footpath across the road from our house when we saw they were in lower branches just mere meters away from us. It was honestly the most magical part of my day to have Cohen and I share that moment, he was so entranced and quiet sitting on my lap. As we watched the cockatoo peel bark of the branches, Cohen whispered quietly to the bird do you want to see my smiley face (stamp for top behaviour today).....awww he is cute. I tell you what that kid puts a smiley face in my heart.

How has the new year greeted you? What has delighted you in the dawn of a new year? What ever it is or however you've spent your day, I hope it was magic.

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