Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memory Games...

At two and a half Cohen is amazing us with his memory, recalling events and specific details from months ago even right up until about a year ago. So with that being said and Cohen's love for little games I have recently introduced him to a memory game I remember when I was a little girl in preschool and one of which I used in my Early Childhood Educator days as well.

It's been as easy as grabbing familiar items, we've been playing with up to five or six items.

Before we start to play, I go over the name of each item (sometimes colour as well).
Cover the items with a dark cloth or one that can't be seen through.

Then Cohen and I take turns to close our eyes whilst the other removes an item or two, and hides it behind their back.
Then it's a guessing game to what is missing.

Little games like this, especially with younger children of Cohen's age should have the child as a willing participant to the game. There is no point in forcing interest in such an activity unless the desire is already there. Memory games help build a child's concentration and attention span, not to mention countless other skills as well as social skills of turning taking and following instruction when playing simple games like this.

To simplify this game for your child you could group a few items together of two different colours your child knows the colour of and remove an item for your child to guess what colour is missing. But as it is with anything with your child, I'm sure you will have an idea of your child's limits and understanding of concepts, so with that being said experiment with the amount of items you begin playing with as well as colours, categories, textures. It really is a game with endless possibilities to tailor to your individual child's stage of understanding and development .

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  1. Love that game, it's an oldie but the best! Offf to the preschool tomorrow to wake that one up. Thank you!


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