Monday, January 2, 2012

Moments like these....

Well DH is back to work tomorrow, so this morning we packed up the kids early and headed out for a fun morning for daddy's last day off with us.

We found Cohen's response to getting into the water strange. He loves his swimming lessons on a Saturday morning at a near by pool and he is very proficient. However today in the saltwater and very gentle tiny waves he was uncertain and seemed to have forgotten all that he has learnt and kept clammering to hold onto daddy even though they were in water deep enough for him to stand up. Has anyone else had this reaction with children, because of the change in location of swimming ie. pool vs beach, lagoon etc.

But despite Cohen's apprehensions we still had a wonderful morning as you can see.

I love solider crabs they remind me of fun times as a kid running across big sandy flats and hearing thousands of scamppering claws.

Sarah was done at this point, but who wouldn't be after trying to eat sand, I ask you. Finally there is daddy, it's been nice having him home and we've only hit our stride with him being around morning, noon and night the last few days. Here's to hoping that 2012 brings more fun, and health to us.

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