Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One day trip to Melbourne.....

We are off to Melbourne on Sunday for the day. Yes you read that right for the day, flying out at the crack of dawn and flying home mid evening. Yes, before you ask the kids are coming. We are heading down for the DH's Gran's 90th birthday, who is otherwise affectionately known as Gigi by Cohen because he calls his daddy's mum Gran.

Are we nuts? One day whirlwind trip to Melbourne with a nearly 3 year old and a 11 month old! Even though there is no over night stay, I am finding it ever so hard to work out what to know for every event and circumstance to arise. Oh and I should add that DH has booked the flights so with exception of the two car seats we can only take carry-on baggage. I have to pack cloth nappies for a whole day, clothes, snacks, toys and or entertainment, camera, present and all the other regular handbag necessities.

This is the first time we have travelled with both of the kids, it's a lot different travelling with just one and staying for several days, but this is different we aren't going to have time to grab things once we land in Melbourne.

So I am needing some hard and fast tips from any of my readers who have done anything as crazy as dragging two little ones off on a whirlwind trip for one day and what you did to survive it? Also any tips on how to pack, considering what I have to take and that it's only carry-on baggage would be great.

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  1. Well, for a start the kids are allowed one carry on bag each (nappy bag)! So that increases your carry space a little (though might make it difficult to juggle carrying!) So make the most of it and stuff one full of nappies and clothes, the other full of snacks and drinks! Use your bag for small toys or other bits of entertainment as well as treats for yourself for suriving the travelling ordeal! DH is also allowed a man bag....use and abuse it til the end baby!


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