Thursday, January 12, 2012

One word to live by for 2012....

It's been a busy start to the year, we've already squeezed in so much and I've been catching up on some more blog reading again. I was over at Maxabella Loves just the other day and read her one word to live by post for this year. She asked the question about, what her readers word to live by was for this year. So I've been thinking about it and all that I want achieve this year, and I've decided my word for 2012 is:

That's right, GO.........just give it a go. No doubts, no questioning ones self for too long, no letting doubts talk me out of it, no fear of failure or someone not taking notice......just give it a GO. If you never give it a GO, win, lose or otherwise you will never know the result, or meet the better you on the other side of those efforts. Everything on my list this year, I'm going to give a crack, give it a GO and just see what happens.

What's your world for 2012, I'd love to hear it? Why not pop back over to Maxabella Loves and link up with everybody else sharing their words for the year and be amongst other inspired people to this glorious start to 2012.


  1. My word is DREAM...Check out the blog, JTB has been nominated! Love xxx

  2. GO... says it all really! I hope it's a cracking year for you. x


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