Sunday, January 8, 2012

What are you reading.....

You may have noticed I've added what I am reading to my side bar? When I am in the groove of reading regularly, I tend to have a habit of having several books, mags and periodicals on the go. Often I have reading material throughout the house in different locations, ready and waiting for where ever my backside may land for some moments of leisure.

I'm trying to get through his book Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children - Becoming a Mindful Parent. It was given to me as a gift and it has only been recently I have had time and opportunity to get back to reading.

What are others reading at the moment? Have you read this book? Have you heard the buzz about it ? Since I received this book I've heard so many others talking about it in my circles. Are others interested in reading along with me, and finding a calmer more peaceful way through and with our parenting? Are others interested in talking about the book and linking up for a discussion? If you're interested please leave a comment and depending on interest I will arrange a Linky for us all.

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