Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weaning Weeps and Woes....

It was just last week that I posted about my recent decision to wean Cohen and to night wean Sarah. Well things have been a bit of a slog here, Cohen is handling things as well as I had expected. In the lead up to the decision to wean him he has been having minimal boobie throughout the day or every other day. He has easily (well easily enough most of the time) been happy with the trade off of other time spent with him or cuddles in lieu of boobie.

But I would be lying if I didn't tell you that there has been tears.......from me and from DH if you believe it. My tears are those mothers tears, the ones that are sad for the end of journey, the ones that question if I have done the right thing, the ones that are from a primal place that you can't really put into words. DH's tears have just been a welling in the eyes of a proud man and all that he feels I have done and all the hard work I put in through relactating, miscarriages, pregnancies and tandem feeding to give Cohen all that have (or as it is now, that I could give).

The above pic was taken way back when the re lactation process had succeeded.

Sarah's night weaning is going as well as one could expect, she is still waking during the night but is easily settled back to sleep within 10 mins without a feed, but around 2am is a little tricky and Cohen is going through bouts of night waking again with wet nappies.To be honest at the moment I'm more exhausted then ever with all these changes occurring. Along with night weaning with Sarah we are also slowly trying to transition her to her free standing cot rather than be co-sleeping side car with us. She is doing well but it's as they say baby steps at the moment. She is still feeding throughout the day and early morning, and at this stage in this frame of mind I intend to keep feeding through another pregnancy when it happens. But of course we will have to wait and see and see how things develop and progress, both with Sarah's desires to feed and mine. As a dear, sweet, wise friend reminded me the other day, that the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child is exactly that a "relationship" and mother and baby both need to be happy.

How have you emotionally handled your weaning journeys?

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  1. I recently went with my daughter Peta on her emotional journey weaning Rowan. I listened and loved her late night calls to me, I gave reassurance and trust. Rowan is a bundle of goodness and joy, he loves, this is a gift from his mother.


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