Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Better get the party planning started.....

For the last few months Cohen has been informing me in no uncertain terms that he is having a birthday party. There has been no conversation where he has asked "if" he can have a party, it literally has been a case of "mum when I have my birthday party". He has been informing me of all the finer details to said party, like the cake he would like and guest list, and there must be balloons. Pretty presumptuous for a nearly three year old don't you think?

I'm not sure where but somewhere along the line our little boy got into Toy Story and when Ben's aunt gave Cohen a Buzz Lightyear toy at Chinese New Year (she is Chinese and showers everyone with gifts and money at this time) it was all over from there......the kid is obsessed. So now it's not just a birthday party, it's a Toy Story party.

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Ben and I spoke some time ago about our kids and birthday parties and had decided that major party planning was going to be reserved for when the kids are of an age to have a memory of it. But we have backed off from that decision because to, not throw this sassy boy of ours a party that he has been hedging for would just be plain cruel.

Let's get the party started.......
that's right party planning posts are coming.


  1. A wee man that knows what he wants! Bless his cotton socks, cantcwaitvto hear all the party plans.

    1. That is with out a date, he has been a man on a mission from the moment he made entrance into this world.


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