Monday, March 26, 2012

Filling up the weekend and soul...

We have just had one of those splendid weekends, that really fills up the soul. So often weekends roll around, and like most other families we are busy running errands and getting odd jobs done that have not been done during the week and everything else. After this past weekend I've been left with so many things to be smiling about, rather than wishing there was another day of the weekend left to catch up on housework before Ben heads to work.

After the weekend I'm smiling because of:

* Ben planting Lily's in the garden.
* Getting a chance to take Cohen to his swimming lesson and to be able to watch his improvement without interruption.
* Great neighbours and impromptu babysitting and impromptu invitations to stay for a BBQ dinner.
* Family fun and celebrating our friends little boys birthday a Fleays Wildlife Centre.

To add to the list there is always snuggles, cuddles, giggles and lay-ins.

What has fed your soul this past weekend?

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  1. HI Trudie, Thanks so much for linking up. i love weekends like the one you just had and these days I find myself wishing we had more of them. Too often our weekends are just overloaded and Sunday night finds you exhasuted and wondering where the time went. I am glad you had such a wonderful weekend and I can see why yo had so uch to smile about. xx


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