Thursday, March 22, 2012

I've got a Lotta great stuff to tell you....

You might remember the other weekend I attended the Say Hello Bloggers Workshop. It was such a great event and I got to meet some really awesome and inspiring people. It was so encouraging to see the different takes and approaches that people were taking on in harnessing their interests and passions.

For me one of the most exciting people I got to meet was Leonie, who has single handeledly set about putting her dream into action of being able to offer a magazine for children and their parents that is 100% add free. Did you hear that? Add free! If you are anything like myself I find it increasingly frustrating how marketing divisions of toy and junk food corporations etcetera, try to get into our young children's mind so early. If that is a concern for you, or you are just looking for some wholesome let kids be kids fun in the form of a magazine you need not look any further.

Lotta Magazine is all about:
Being ad-free because they believe children should be children before they are consumers. There is no agenda to sell or market the most recent plastic toy or convenience food for kids. It is all about fun, creative things to do with your kids......especially handy for school holidays. Lotta Magazines are packed with over 40 affordable and creative activities for kids.
The magazine is:
Gender neutral.....I know, I know I hear you say, that would be a first, but true and super awesome.
I am in love with this magazine as it, just supports so much of what I try and do in our own home with the kids.

Lotta encourages kids to be creative whilst showing parents and caregivers that it doesn't need to cost you the earth to do so. Whilst giving parents and caregivers the encouragement to easily provide these opportunities for their children. Not to forget how great it is for school holiday at home fun.
As an ex preschool teacher and now a parent who tries to parent as naturally as is appropriate for our lives and children's lives, I can not recommend the mag to you enough.
So with that all being said pop on over and check out the Lotta Magazine site and blog.
If you believe in what Leonie is trying to offer with Lotta Magazine pop back here because she has been ever so generous to offer up two giveaways.
First prize will be the most recent magazine which is Travel themed and is hot of the press, literally.
Second prize is a copy of the previous issue: The Story Issue.
Now if you would like a chance at winning a copy of this great magazine here's what you need to do:
- although I would love for you to be a follower of my blog, I won't make it necessary for entry, but if you'd like to follow me, I'd love to have you.
- however to qualify for entry you must be a follower of Lotta Magazine Facebook page
- extra entries will be given if you share Lotta Magazine Facebook Link, to help get the word out about this awesome mag.
- then just pop back here let me know that you have liked and/or shared Lotta Magazine Facebook page, and sit back and wait to see if you're a lucky winner.
Entries close 8pm QLD time 29th March 2012.


  1. Hey Trudie, that sounds like a great event! I'll have to check out the next one for sure, i've only been to 1 little bloggy meet up but Juni was so little i couldn't stay for long. This mag looks fab, i will check it out some more! x

  2. i've liked the page so i can read more about it and shared it so other mummies can get in on the action :D

  3. Love this, and that box with the dinosaurs looks great!

    I'm a follower here, and on the Lotta fb page, AND I shared the link :)

  4. :) Hi Trudie
    I have had a look at the facebook page and posted a link on my facebook wall too. Lovely looking mag.

    Moo 8 and baSquishy 3 :)


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