Monday, March 5, 2012

It's going to be a BIG week....

I've said it, I've hinted at it, I've talked about but to my loyal readers this is the week, the new blog design will be installed. What it also means is that it is also the start to lots of wonderful things I hope to be bringing to you in the way of content and information. I have been spending a lot of down time making contacts, brainstorming ideas, posts, projects and all sorts of wonderful things. For some time now and with my small readership with this here blog its been like a diary, a place to come heal and share my life through my ups and downs with the loss of my twin baby girls Elle and Meg. But it has also been my Journey to Bliss and my diary in becoming a mummy and all the day to day stuff that encompasses that and the way we parent with our earthbound children.

*just a little tease with the feel of the new design and the imagery you might expect when we click over this week*

It's my hope that you will enjoy all the things I have install for you whilst also continuing to let you see into my life and it's journeys good, bad or otherwise. What I have install for you comes from my heart and I hope you will continue to be a part of my support team and community as we grow. I'm so excited about this year and what lies beyond that, after all we have been through in nearly four years....lossing 4 babies and receiving 2 earthbound, after a diagnosis of PTSD (oh and don't forget a littl bit of OCD thrown in ther too) and everything else. I finally feel like I'm in a place I can start to find ways to help others too, whilst still delivering you me, my life, my family and so much more.

I'm on a Journey to Bliss, are you coming for the ride?


  1. Hi, i have just started following you, really enjoying your blogs, can't wait to read more :)

    1. Now following you too! Look forward to getting to know you.xx come visit me too!

  2. You look fabulous Trudie. What a lovely picture. I love the new design. Melissa did a fantastic job!


    Anne @ Domesblissity


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