Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving the Library: Hullabazoo....

Thank you to those who dropped by last week for the first Loving the Library, if you missed it you can check it out here. This weeks Loving the Library is a phenomenal one and it is written by two Australian women, sisters in fact. So if you haven't picked up Hullabazoo, I suggest you do.
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Author: Lisa Hollier
Illustrator: Tracey Roper
Publisher: Penguin

At 32 pages this book was likely written with a 5 year old plus in mind. However in saying that it was no deterrent whatsoever to us borrowing the book and the level of enjoyment for both Cohen and us.

The story is of Lochlan, who goes on a trip to the zoo with his dad. Lochlan and his dad watch the crocodiles but when an unfortunate incident with his red hat occurs it sets off an incredible chain of events sending the zoo into chaos......animal mania.....HULLABAZOO.

Lochlan comes to the rescue with a scheme to save the day and restore calm, with the help of a donkey.

What's great about this book:
* the fast past rhyming adds to the excitement if this story making you feel that you are amongst the action.
* the illustrations are amazing, so full of real life detail, the illustrations tell the story just as well as the text.
* the animals, lots and lots of animals.......straight from my horses mouth Cohen.

Another fantastic book to borrow, in fact I should say if you can go buy it even, it is such an exciting book. The books author and illustrator are sisters who created the story for Lisa's son Lochlan who inspired the story. This fact alone is clearly present in the storyline and illustrations. It's a must read book which you will find hard to believe is only these sisters first book.

Final comments:
Although the storyline is aimed at children slightly older than Cohen (who is about to turn 3), he fully understood the concepts in the storyline which lead to a lot of interesting discussion afterwards. At the end of the day the illustrations are so captivating that you could tailor and shorten the story for a young child's enjoyment if need be, even though we didn't find it necessary.

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