Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loving the Library....

Since the redesign has taken affect I have also been working on a new posting schedule. One of the things I have been working on behind the scenes is a weekly feature I hope to be bringing you each week.
Loving the Library is a weekly feature I will be bringing to you each Wednesday, sharing with you what we are enjoying from the library as a family and with the kids. Loving the Library will showcase reading material for children (not always, but it will be a particular focus). I will give genuine opinion and brief overview of story lines and what we (the kids and I) have enjoyed about the book or library materials in question.  I hope this will give you some suggestions to add to your reading list with your children, especially if you have reluctant readers.

 From time to time I will also be focusing interest on adult reading material I have found of interest, as well as sharing information from community information sessions. Overall I hope to showcase the wonderful resources that are available through local libraries for young and old alike.

Loving the Library will be making use of all those libraries that exist, home libraries, local libraries and those informal libraries that exist between friends and community groups. I hope you will enjoy this feature and where I hope to take us on this journey. Make sure you stay tuned over coming weeks, so that you too will have your opportunity to share your "Loving the Library".

Our first Loving the Library will be tomorrow morning and I am particulary excited to be sharing a childrens book that the WHOLE family is loving right now.

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