Friday, March 16, 2012

Squishy cushion play.....

Inspired by the kids reaction to me dumping 5 baskets of laundry on the living room floor and them thinking it was some sort of mountainess wonderland, when I was trying to get the folding done. I set about this week providing them an alternative, so they could have some squishy fun but I could get laundry done.

We gathered up all the cushions in the house, threw them in them in piles on the floor.
Then I threw over a sheet, so that cushions wouldn't be picked by an over exuberant Cohen thrown.
The kids had a wonderful time falling, crawling, jumping, giggling and when they started to feel a little tired of all that physical play the toy play animals came out. At which point I joined in climbing my dinosaur to the top of a cushiony mountain and roaring.

Such a fun, easy thing to do with and for the kids, great for wearing them out on a wet weather day.

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