Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday party menu, the debate....

Cohen's 3rd birthday is next week and next weekend we are having his party. The party he told us he was having. I had some pretty big ideas for his party a few weeks ago, but with being sick for a week recently and Easter I just haven't followed through. Super fun invitations have turned into Facebook Event Invitations to friends and their kids, phone calls and text messages.

But with it being a little a over a week out to the party I'm trying to pull everything else together, make it look like I've been slaving for weeks planning this. I work well under pressure, I generally always have. So Ben and I have been discussing party food as the party is at 2pm. We figured it's after lunch and before dinner and if we put on mostly healthy food options parents perhaps wouldn't have to be so concerned if their kids fill up on food here and not eat dinner.

Yep this crazy curly hair boy is turning three

Ben and I are at odds with one another with the amount of food we should offer. I keep reminding him we have 9 kids at last count coming of various ages, some extra siblings, parents and some family members and friends. It's kind of got out of control, I know! But hey it's the first time hosting a kids birthday party here at home......we will learn from our mistakes I'm sure.

On my suggested menu is:
* Gow Gee Dumplings....either turkey or chicken. There are thirty Gow Gee wrappers in a pack and out of 500 grams of mince I could get ninety of them if I use three packs. Ben thinks sixty will be heaps, I don't think so.

* Organic sausage sausages in puff pastry, cut up into snack size ones, I'm think I can get about sixty out of a pack of puff pastry. Ben is debating this with me too.

* Assorted sandwiches with healthy fillings....I'm thinking two loaves of bread. This option isn't being debated.

* Fruit and marshmallow kebabs....I haven't decided on amount yet.

And finally....
* Cake

Drinks haven't been considered much at this point but I am considering bottled water for the kids. We don't really do juice here. I'm a being stingy? Please help me, surely some of my readers are much more experienced in planning a three year olds birthday party. Am I way off the mark here, with amounts? Any suggestions? I'd appreciate feedback, I thought all my initial thoughts were all fine but now I'm doubting it since talking with Ben. So I'm going to hand it over to you all for advice.

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