Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving the Library: Rufus the Numbat....

It's rather convenient that we had borrowed this book recently as it has tied in well with Cohen's interest and talk about our recent visit to a wildlife park for a friends little boys birthday. Although we didn't see Numbats it adds to our conversations about Australian animals. She here I am with another great and unique suggestion for a read with your little ones featuring native fauna.
{image credit}
Author/illustrator: David Miller
Publisher: Ford Street

This is definitely a unique book, particularly in the way it has been illustrated with detailed paper sculpture. A minimal text storybook about Rufus the Numbat and what happens when he passes through a local town and the trouble he causes for the town people.

What is great about this book:
* introduces children to a lesser known Australian animal
* paper sculpture, it's really amazing need I say it again
* minimal text, allows pictures to tell the story and allows young readers to ask questions.

We certainly enjoyed this book, which was clear the first several times Cohen asked me to read it again. I do think the minimal text was lost on him, but the amazing use of paper sculpture illustrating this book had his eyes glued to the pages and asking questions which lead him to building his own stories about what he was taking in.

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