Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainy Day Birthday Party....

As some of you may know this past weekend we just celebrated Cohen turning three with a birthday party. We had all sorts outdoor plans of fun ready to go, but what do you know, it rained like no body's business last week and even Saturday we were still having moments of torrential down pours. We were faced with prospect of cancelling for a fine weekend or roll with the punches and bring the party indoors. So if ever you're faced with the wet weather dilemma for a kids party and a house filled with family, friends and kid,s hopefully this will be helpful.

To save the day (and sanity, as well let's face it, it's true) we bought the outdoor plastic climbing set with slide/stairs inside and converted Sarah's room into a little mini play centre if you please, complete with porta cot convert to a ball pit and a activity centre for the wee little ones.

Cohen's room had loads of balloons in there and kids were welcomed to select toys to play with. Prior to the party, we put anything we really didn't want out away.
We also converted the garage into an art and craft area, I taped a really old blanket to the floor with packing tape, laid out glue, brushes, coloured pom poms, crayons, patty pans, cardboard templates and all sorts of other goodies. We also strung balloons across the garage and glow sticks to add to the party atmosphere, and let the kids go nuts.

Outdoors we strung balloons across the yard in case the rain held off and before the rain came back over the kids had a run outside playing chasie.

Overall I am really pleased how the afternoon went even though we had to make all these last minute changes. It was hectic for Ben and I attending to everyone inside, because we were packed in our dining and kitchen area. But honestly the main thing is the kids had an awesome time, not a single squabble with kids, they played well in three different area throughout the house we had set up, which actually allowed many parents to have a relaxed afternoon, without any worries.

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