Sunday, April 15, 2012

That moment in toddlerdom when....

I have never liked subscribing to the theory of the "Terrible Two's". Before Cohen hit two and even before he was born I had this belief that the "Terrible Two's" had more to do with a parents outlook in coping and dealing with this period of their child's development. Yes, I know, it was probably an ignorant and arrogant way of viewing things. But now that we are about to hit the big "3rd Birthday", I can declare "Terrible Two's" for the want of a better term like, "difficult development period in my emerging two your old" has and does exist.

I'm sure if you've been in the trenches with an emerging and growing two year old, you will of had days, weeks and even months where your thoughts wonder off to the future, aghast at the thought that all your efforts in raising your child until now will result in him being like this forever. Screaming, crying, meltdowns, tantrums, mine, mine, mine, it's mine, it's not fair, but why, pushing, biting, climbing, talking, talking, talking non-stop talking. Peeing, pooping everywhere, eating, non-stop eating, sibling rivalry, share, please share with your sister, pick me up, mummy, daddy, mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy, look at me, manners, where are your manners, listening, are you listening, what did I say?

You get the picture!

But there's a moment, and a glimmer when you say to yourself:
"It's going to be ok, we're doing a good job at this parenting gig".

Sarah - *cry*
Cohen - it's ok baby, it's ok Sarah I still love you.

Cohen - can I have Easter Eggs now?
Us - no, it's too early in the morning.
Cohen - but please I want to share them with everybody!

Cohen - mummy!
Me - yes!
Cohen - hugs me and looks up whilst holding me says
"You are the sweetest girl in the whole world."

Cohen: witnesses Sarah achieve a physical milestone, walks over to her, kisses her, wraps his arms around her and says "I'm proud of you Sarah".

Cohen - I want to go say thank you to Mila (our next or neighbour and partner) for taking me for a walk (no prompting).

You get the picture!
It's all these little things, which are really all the the bigs things as parents we are hoping that are getting through.

Ahhh *exhale* I think we're going to be ok.

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