Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today you are three....

Last night I was feeling rather nostalgic, like many parents must feel when their child's birthday is imminent. I always spend time thinking about my children's birth and deliveries at these time. So last night I took to my personal Facebook wall (not something I do too much of these days with two blog Facebook pages) to share some thoughts with about 20 friends and family " liking" or commenting as I shared.

What follows is the status I posted last night and following comments, for privacy reasons for my friends and extended family I am referring to everyone in initials only.

This time 3 years ago Ben was finishing up giving me a massage when he heard the words "oh my waters just broke". We were on the cusp of meeting our first earthbound child, our son, and our lives were about to be further changed immeasurably forever.

GG commented - Nice memories Trudie. Very special.
I commented - CT you were here, witnessing my denial I was in labour.
I commented - Denial that this time I would have a sweet blessing to bring home. I realise now you were eager to reassure this mummy of yours, to get the show on the road, your earthbound life......two weeks early and keen as mustard.
AG commented - Ooh brings tears to the eyes.
CT commented - It's tomorrow though isn't it???
I commented - CT yes......this time 3 years ago you had just helped Ben get me in the car and waved us goodbye as we headed to hospital.
I commented - Two special angel souls guiding us through the night, waiting to deliver you to us.
Very eager and keen at 5.30am this morning, we only had time to grab our iPhones and get this quick snap.....he was shocked

Then this morning I posted this.....
Three years ago today at 4.16am we welcomed the most incredibly sweet boy Cohen John into our world. Happy Birthday baby, love you to the moon and stars.

I thanked friends and family for indulging me in my walk down memory lane last night. So many of my friends were witness to our heartbreak before Cohen and it was so nice to share my feelings last night, with them all and honour my sweet birthday boy.

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  1. Apologies....I had to go with the Buzz Lightyear theory against all my better judgement and your wish for organic, wooden toys!...happy birthday Co xxx


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