Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When mum's sick.....

Sorry if the post title had you with thoughts or mental images of serious life threatening illnesses. That's certainly not what this post is about, its merely a post of my observations and ramblings coming out the other side of 4 odd days of a viral gastro type of horribleness. I started feeling unwell on Friday and wasted a weekend feeling blah and very un-engaging like over most things. But I have had plenty of time to think, ponder and question something I've often thought, pondered and questioned!

What are things like for you other mums when you're sick?

Over the years I've read studies that have noted that a mothers recovery with a sickness is often longer due to the constant demand we generally find ourselves under. Don't get me wrong I've got a loving a supportive husband in Ben, but when it comes down to our family dynamics, kids personalities, preferences, work commitments, business commitments and everything else I'm left to fly solo when I'm sick. You see Ben runs a business with his dad, dad's in the office and Ben's on the road every week day all day servicing clients. With the nature of their work and business it's very inflexible in these times of need like when I'm sick to call him in for reinforcement during the day. Nature of the beast I guess when you're in your own business. If I'm lucky and the stars are aligned (which is rarely) Ben will be able to shuffle partial workload to other days in the week and get home early to tend to me or family needs.

Due to family difficulties, health, work and business commitments and responsibilities we aren't in a position to call on family for a hand with the kids at these times either. If you're a stay at home mum, do you fly solo through sickness, even when you're literally death warmed up, because the sole breadwinner in the household just has to get out there day in day out. If you do, tell me what you do to get by, to cope, to manage the kids when it's just you and you're barely running on one cylinder. At the same time I'm left to wonder about those amazing mums out there who are single mums, I know your position is even harder when there isn't someone to walk in the door at the end of a working day to start their next shift looking after things on the home front.

As mums I know we have to get creative sometimes to find the peace, the calm, and finding a way to cope especially during difficult times. How do you make things work for you, when it's one of those times?

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