Monday, May 21, 2012

Little weekend and little people updates.....

Well Friday night was the night of entering into no nappy at night land for Cohen and Sarah's move to her own room.

How did we all go?
Cohen has had dry nights. He is pleased with himself and so are we.
Sarah has slept the majority of the nights in her cot and room, with two hour stints in the wee dusk hours each night, in our bed until I take her back to her cot. The move so far has gone better than we had expected it to. It's early days, but we are hopeful and happy.
How did I go?
Surprisingly well. Had Sarah moved to her room any time before now I don't think she nor I would have been ready. I'm certain I would have many more nights wakeful, compelled to check on her. It's been good timing we've all been ready for it. Sarah is still welcomed to our bed in the early hours, so it's not a end to co-sleeping altogether.
But a new era is slowly being herald.

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  1. It was so hard to move my girls put of my bed.....infact all three daughters slept with me for years, i always felt like mother cat and her litter. They go when they feel confident.


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