Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend of wondrous moments....

So many of our weekends lately have been peppered with unexpected plans and moments. It's been great. Sometimes even the weekends fall into a monotony of the same old, same old. But perhaps things are changing in our family, perhaps things are settling down and becoming easier....I don't know, either way I'm liking the lovely moments we're having.

Friday as many of you know was Elle and Meg fourth memorial, I had a good day. Probably the easiest memorial day so far (mind you the day beforehand was horrendous, but that's another story). I took the kids to a favourite little op shop of mine on Friday and they were so well behaved while I had a rummage around and I had a laugh and cuddle with the volunteers.

Saturday at a monster Lifeline clothing $2 sale at an indoor sports centre, I rummaged more for goodies. But the biggest thrill of this outing was watching the kids run up and down the grassy hills outside, they rolled down like logs and crawled back up. I chased them and raced was so much fun, it had me smiling for hours. The day was made sweeter with a dinner guest, our lovely neighbour, who gave us a little grace taking Cohen for a walk before dinner. Dinner was chicken and mushroom risotto, made by Ben so I had the night was yum, it's been ages.

Yesterday was full of more smiles and laughter, chasing the kids, playing games and reading. Ben and Cohen enjoyed an afternoon of fishing.......Cohen "caught" his first fish.
The story behind the the "alleged" fish is long winded but let's just say that this smile is priceless and we'll keep the tale of the first fish quiet......wink, wink. Whilst the men fished Sarah and I baked banana, oatmeal and yoghurt muffins and snuggled. A rather perfect weekend if I do say so myself.

I hope your weekend was full of wondrous moments too.

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