Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lifestyle changes coming for this family.......

Forgive me for being away from the blog over the long weekend. I've been totally indulging in family time and catching up with friends. I've been enjoying it so much and soaking up being in the moment that I haven't even bothered to step behind the camera either......it's been utterly delightful. Over the long weekend I also indulged in leisurely pursuits like reading, and that's kind of the crux of what I wanted to share today, what I've been reading. I've been reading Fed Up by Sue Dengate and flipping through one of her Failsafe cookbooks as well.

If you haven't heard of Sue or about Failsafe to put simply its all about the preservatives, additives, colour, salicylates and amines in foods that can cause children (and adults) to have behavioural issues as well as health issues. Since the day Cohen was born I have known he was a unique, high energy child and I adore it. However he comes with challenges in parenting him, being so high energy, intelligent and confident. Over the last few months we have had sever increases in negative behaviours and to put it nicely he has had me run ragged. I've been at wits ends some days to know how to feel like I was parenting him successfully at all.

Not only have I been struggling with managing him but Ben has been exasperated by such sever spikes in his behaviour and personality as well. Then just the other week after a relatively calmer 24 hours with him I had sent him to family day care on his normal scheduled day, something happened. At family day care one of the other kids was having his last day before moving, so bite sized cupcakes where made and decorated. Cohen was given a small one with a tiny amount of light yellow icing.

WELL..........come pick up time, by the time I got him home and inside I had navigated several stand-offs with him, including crazy screaming and squealing (not normal behaviour) and knocking his sister over. He wouldn't and couldn't stop and listen and was being utterly obnoxious. Ben arrived home not long after to utter chaos. He tried putting time in with Cohen straight away thinking daddy time would help, but it didn't, he wasn't listening to boundaries in play or instruction and continued to play rough and hurt Sarah on several more occasions. It got so sever that Ben took him outside in the freezing cold (rugged up of course) and made him run and run and run around the yard non-stop to work off the energy.....the kid didn't even get puffed.

Although I am short cutting a lot if detail in my explanation at the moment, the decision then and there was made that we would look further into his diet for explanations and answers for some of his negative behaviours. I've got so much more to explain and share with you about this journey, like explaining other behaviours we've had issues with and so forth. But for now I just wanted to get this out and share that, this is a new path we are on as a family. So don't be surprise as I share with you along the way what is happening, as this family is going whole hog together to support Cohen.

Have you heard of Failsafe? Are you a Failsafe family? Are you interested in knowing more?

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  1. Hi Trudie! Your Cohen sounds a lot like my 6 yr old Elijah. I like how you explained him as 'high enerfy, intelligent and confident' because that is just the same as my Eli! On top of an increase in negative behaviour, Eli also has some constipation (sneaky poo) issues as well as gets eczema, all of which can be caused from additives/salicylates etc, so it was time to pull my head out of the sand and pull up my socks!! Just making that decision and getting your head around it I think might even be the hardest part! Now that we're gearing up and starting to eat FS I'm finding so many blogs and recipes that I think we'll be right! Now I just need to get organised and compile them and get into the kitchen! Would love to follow you on your journey, so will add you to my blog list. You can find me at www.natfindingrainbows.blogspot.com - I've so far blogged about our decision to change and will add some recipes/meal ideas/verdicts of what we've tried too, as well as just blogging about my family.
    All the best and I hope you see a huge difference in Cohen. I'm almost convinced we will see a huge difference!


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