Thursday, June 14, 2012

Testing Failsafe Recipes......

You might of read the other day that there are some lifestyle changes coming up for my family? Well I'm still smack bang in the middle of reading and educating myself on the whole Failsafe process before we get underway with the elimination side of things. But one thing I have decided to do in the meantime is trial some Failsafe recipes containing vegetables that the kids and Ben haven't experienced before (me, there's not much I haven had, I'm easily pleased). I figure it would be worth having some mock runs on dinners and see if they are a success or not, and where I might need to change things up to ensure success when we are in the elimination process when that comes around.

So last night I tried the Chicken and Leek Casserole from The Failsafe Cookbook .

How did it go?
Me - well I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a simple easy meal to prepare
Ben - good, edible, I'd eat it again but I ain't going to gush over it, were his choice of words
Cohen - I don't like it was heard before we even sat at the inner table and then proceeded to take 40mins to eat dinner. Hmmm reminder I should share with you all about possible food sensory issues we are working on too at the moment.
Sarah - well she tried it, had a bit and then played with her dinner and refused to eat anything else offered to her. On further investigation this morning I discovered she cut a tooth over night, that may have something to do with her lack eating yesterday.

Final verdict as I see it:
I wouldn't say it was a loss. The fact Ben will eat it again is a win, although he would probably like me to find a way of flavouring it up more within Failsafe guidelines. As for Cohen perhaps the mixture in pastry like a little pie, rather than a wet saucy mix might yield more agreeable results. Sarah well I can always try her again. So as I see it, I'll be doing it again maybe with some adjustments before I call it day on this one.

Boy oh boy this is going to be a long run, all the above just to see if they would eat leeks!
Can you feel my pain?


  1. OMG!Ben you are such a big boy! Whatever next....bolognaise with corn? :o)
    Love you xxx

  2. Hi Trudie! I just found your blog looking for a recipe for pear crumble but hoping to find one to add some rolled oats to aswell. (found your pear and anzac crumble!) and I see you've just started or will be soon (being that its now a few weeks after this post) on the Failsafe Diet. My family have just started this week. Well we're kinda starting. Trying my very best to cook and eat according to FS but still getting my head around it so it will take a week or so till I have it perfect I think. Just wanted to say you're not alone in this huge change!!


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